Tentipi Safir 7 Review After 547 Days of Use – Hot Tent Camping

As promised here is the Tentipi Safir 7 hot tent review after 547 days of use in The Tipi Diaries series – Living & painting alone in a nordic tipi in the winter boreal forest wilderness in Sweden. This is not a how to video or unboxing but rather a video showing you how the tipi looks after such an intensive and long test in the swedish wilderness. If you are looking to buy one of these tipis, this video is for you. For how to set up and tip videos for this tipi I recommend the Tentipi official channel: https://youtube.com/TentipiTents or their website: https://tentipi.com

Tentipi Safir 7 CP specs:

Approx. packed size (cm) – 27 x 62
Weight (Kg) – 12.3
Living area (m²) – 10.5
Pitched diameter (m) – 4.5
Height (m) – 2.7


– easy and fast set up
– size 7 does not take a lot of wood to keep it heated
– ability to have an open fire or stove
– very simple and excellent climate control
– 5 ventilation options with mosquito nets
– excellent rain, snow, sun and wind proofness
– Reinforcement edge for better wear resistance around bottom edge of tent
– top quality and durability


– high price tag
– heavy
– very little standing room

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JZFantasy says:

Great review! I never really comment but I’ve been following from the beginning. I’m really curious how one of these would do in our temperate rain forests in Washington, seems like it’d be pretty good.

Rough Timba says:

Zgreat to hear from you brother … Hi from uk

Atlantic Woodsman says:

I want one of these so badly ..thanks for sharing.

Gilles Quenneville says:

Thank you for this review. Can you produce a review for the stove ?

Gary Dumbauld says:

Here in Colorado, it’s so dry that…. well, we had a canvas umbrella tent that my father bought in 1940. We used it every weekend from March to November, and three to four weeks every summer. It finally perished in 1969, and not from sun damage or mildew, a tree fell on it.

Frankipooh says:


neuroleptika says:

I have just found your channel, where in sweden are you located? Im in Dalarna and have a tentipi as well, its looking like i have to move out to it soon

Finn Blu says:


Appears routine rotation would address multiple listed issues.

An informed, real conditions, long term well done review is hyper rare in the shake and stir / instant specialist / salesman environment within youtube land.

A fine shelter.

Gina says:

Awesome review, looking fwd to to your next adventue/ location. Greetings from Quebec, Canada

Garry Brown says:

brillant review thank you awsome tent i have the no 7 and elfield stove i just come back from the new forrest weather was very bad but no problem

vena thunderbird says:


Chris Redfield says:

silicone spray

Christine Riddell says:

hey rick, its good to know this info, cool video 🙂

eXplorer says:

Amazing video! I like contemplating earth, discover and decompress…

Rockford Beretta says:

This looks very impressive.
Appreciate the review. Thank you.

Gary Dumbauld says:

It’s hard to find any outdoor gear that can stand up to the amount of wind stress, UV, and being damp/wet constantly that your tipi has dealt with. I thought the tree would have done a lot more damage. Interested to hear about TenTipi recommendations for dealing with the algae. Great review.

Kate Hare McIntosh says:

The bottom shows sign of lichen beginning to grow.

michelet wilkinson-pennington says:

I have been looking at this for years. I done countless hours of research and CUSTOMER reviews to help me make such an expensive purchase just for 2 people, on a budget & part timers at that. You helped me settle the matter. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you…

John Hales says:

to long to be in something with restricted standing space, seems like quality otherwise..weekender tent Id call that. but there are others out there for less that are the same quality but thats what you can do when ya have a big name.

thbuk says:

Excellent work. Thanks for sharing.

Melvin Deweese says:

A huge USN “Bravo Zulu” to YOU from 7.000 ft. in Colorado, USA ! I am a Ret. (59-82) USN ( survival ) para-rigger – SERE-P.O.W. Inst. / VN combat Vet. I have used many military nylon chutes for as emer. survival “tepees” in the desert, snow, the jungles — and they are NOT great protection. I purchased my first Native American ” tipi ” in 1980 – which I still have and use but the 13 oz. canvas and the (17) poles are quite heavy and difficult , plus time to set up now at age 74 . I have researched, dreamed and desired this “tentipi” – and finally bought a size 9 ( 16 ft. dia ) – the same size as all (4) of my “Nomadic” canvas tipis in my survival training camp ( Ore. mfg co. of true style Indian tipis – who made tipis for “Dances with Wolves.” movie. They are excellent shelters , with large, beautiful smoke flaps .) I have been in the Swedish Arctic with the Sami people and can totally understand their similar shelter. I received the TENTIPI today ( great service with their 5 day mailing ! I love those “exact” Swedish people . And THANKS to Capt. Lars Falt for the great training and his survival knowledge . ) and I would be out in the yard setting it up tonight – IF, my Australian blue cattle dog would could the flashlight, ha . I plan on using my metal spikes, my (2) piece canvas floor, the fire plate , the (3) piece 10, oz. white canvas liner with drawings inside and my “ozan” in the back over top of my sleeping area — and I will also TEST the use of (8) beautiful pine lodge poles on the outside – wrapped with a tan , light ” canvas collar wrap around with smoke flaps” – YES, this ol rigger can still run a sewing machine , ha. – I love the look of poles out the top with streamers and large smoke flaps ( my ex- wife is Native American ). SO, come sunrise, 0530 – the pup and I will be having a coffee – laying our new ” escape adventure shelter ” out on the Mother Earth ! Yes, people will stop , look and stare – as I welcome them for a “Look See”. And I want to WELCOME ALL OF YOU good people – IF you are near Grand Junction, Colorado – you are WELCME to come stay at my survival camp, sit in the wood smoke and we will share and learn good Comradeship. I have food -fire – water – shelter for all guests in my cabin, tents or tipis ( plus cold , red neck “Colorado Kool Aid ” – Coors beer ! Add country music and dancing girls , ha). Sincerely ” Mtn Mel & Carley Blue dog ” – Deweese, Ret. USN. [email protected] Thank you.

Ryosa says:

My guess is re-waterproofing on a regular basis will keep the mold from coming back once you clean it up. Mold won’t grow where it can’t stay wet for long periods.

evan h says:

We have had our Tentipi Safar 7 + Stove going on 7 years and used it over 300 days total. It’s held up fine with zero issues. We are in the USA and had to import it directly from a UK seller but now I think there are US dealers so getting one should be easier now. Great tent, excellent quality and money well spent.

Khalim Harris says:

aside from your heater looking really big for the size of the tipi, I’m glad to have seen this. thanks.

martin tvingsholm says:

…..jeg har 9’eren, har en stor familie 😉 Vi er meget glade for den. Den har også tabt farve….men det er også det eneste. Vild med dine uploads. Tak & ligesom med ovnen vil jeg se frem til at høre hvad tenttipi siger ift rengøring af kanvassen …..Best fra Martin i Danmark 😉

Jeffrey Volk says:

Ric great review of tentipi, glad to see it can with stand all of the elements. Question, where in the world do i find one of those steel skillets with the folding socket handle? Happy trees to you!!

sanKao sKo says:

Thank you for this great review of huge help for a lot of us!What can you say about the woodstove?It’s the Eldfell stove recommended for this tent?Any issues with it?

hearsay henderson says:

Chemtrail spraying, and not the real Sun anymore. Look up Sun simulator

Johannes Gebhardt says:

Are you libing your daily live there ?

Virginia Bradley says:

Good investment in a tent!

OH8STN says:

I just found your Channel and wanted to say thank you for making this video. I think it’s time to go back and look at episode one in the series and take the rest of them after that.
I’m also about to pull the trigger on this or it’s little brother. based on your feedback in this video it’ll last me years or longer.
thanks for sharing and you have a happy new subscriber here.
your neighbor in Finland

kobykat1 says:

where did you get that coat?

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