REI Half Dome Two Plus Tent Review

2018 version: pros and cons of the REI HalfDome 2+ tent.

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Terry Siroky says:

Really good job reviewing this tent! Appreciate the education. Subscribing now…

Daly Jolly says:

Thanks for the quick, helpful review, Spencer.

Devin Willie says:

I watched this like five times before I bought mine. Thanks so much for being thorough. REI should hire you to shocwase their stuff outdoors.

Fernando Tuma says:

Very helpful video! Just ordered mine from REI yesterday! Any chance you have a picture of how the poles look when packed? I can’t find any online and am a little worried about them being too bulky! Thanks and keep up the good work.

John N says:

Can you recommend a backpacking tent for someone who’s 6.5ft? Is the REI Co-op Half Dome 2 Plus really 92inch long inside?

Jay Butler says:

How does this tent hold up in rain?

JS Outdoors says:

Also great review!!

joel1239871 says:


Jason Campbell says:

I bought this tent and I have to say I’m very pleases with it. I agree the poles are cumbersome but easy to put together. This would recommend tent.

Bone Faz says:

Awesome vid answered my questions I’m sold thank you very much!!!

Dana Rogers says:

I have an older rei half dome plus and love it. Weight isn’t an issue if 2 are splitting the load. Great review.

JS Outdoors says:

Zero dislikes! That’s what I like to see!

Zombie Land says:

Fucking Gay!
REI sucks because it’s over priced. Where you using man grip? Or waiting for you lover to pull the stakes out? After watching the video? I wanted to suck another man off. I’m not gay. I don’t think I’ll be getting this tent. I kept looking behind me while typing that some prison junkie wasn’t going to Key Hole my Six.

SpencersBackChannel says:

I compare this REI tent with the cheapest tent on here

Serjen Olmedo says:

Very helpful video! Currently trying to convince myself whether I should purchase this tent or not! Thank you!

What do you think about buying a foot print for this tent?

Max Cloat says:

Great review. Very helpful!

j g says:

Nice video! I’m trying to decide what to get right now for my wife and I on some section hikes of the AT. Despite being a bit heavier, the price is such that it allows me to pay for other things to be lighter!

Michael Lochowitz says:

Great review. Very helpful.

Oleg Shimanskyy says:

Good review! Just got this tent at a Black Friday sale, so looking forward to trying it out. Especially, since it’s winter here in Europe.
I’ve seen people complaining about the pole link points in the 2017 version. Specifically, that they could break easily, if not inserted carefully. Any thoughts on this? Do you think this has been fixed in the 2018 edition of the tent?

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